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All About Bread

Before coming to Switzerland, I was telling my friends
how things are so much more expensive.
I jokingly said, "The only few things that are affordable over there
must be cheese, chocolate, wine and bread!!"

People always talk about how these things are so good in Europe.

It's true, when I lived in Paris for 3 months, I used to frequent this
bakery shop rather religiously. I love chocolate croissants,
and that's what I used to get all the time.

So buttery and so flakey. Hmmmm.....

You never ever wanna know how much butter
they use to make these delicious things, though.
Since I ran every day through the streets of Paris,
all that butter I consumed wasn't an issue.

So, that was one thing I looked forward to coming to Geneva.
I assumed there're tons of good breads and pastries.

I'm not sure, yet, if I assumed right or wrong.

Conveniently, there's a bakery right next to my apartment.
It's a tiny place, off the main street. It's really easy to miss it.

I've never been in there. To be honest, I'm a little scared.
The pastries displayed by the store window look the same everyday.
I can't tell how fresh or how old they are.
I've never seen a single customer in there.

The store owner looked like a baker. He's probably in his early 60s,
white-brearded and always wears a beret.
This poor guy usually stands or sits on a chair right o utside his shop.
Waiting for a customer.

In the evening, he feeds the unsold bread to pigeons.

Even the pigeons leave him at night.

I feel obligated to buy something every time I go by the store.
Just to make the baker happy.
But I don't know if I should because;

1. Is he going to expect me to come back?
2. If I don't come back, is he going to be hurt?

I got tired of thinking about this, I gave up.
It's better for me to stay away, for him, ultimately.

It's not him, it's me.

Anyway, because I haven't found my favorite bakery yet,
I usually buy bread at a supermarket.
But they are usually hard and dried out.
To the point it hurts my jaw.

Not satisfied with the any breads we've bought, we went
to the supermarket at Globus, a high-end department store.

They had good-looking breads there.


They all appeared appetizing.

But afraid of picking a hard kind,
we asked for guidance.

The store-person recommended
the twisty bread in the back.

She said it was a Swiss specialty.

We enjoyed the twisty buttery bread.
But it was 8 dollars for the loaf. Can't say we'll buy it often.
We found the same bread at Manor, mid-range department store.
It was as good as the other one, but cheaper!

Yet, I can't wait to find a bakery around my place to
go buy freshly-baked breads and pastries.

My expedition continues...

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Merci bien!!!!

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