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Eating in Prague

A big part of experiencing a foreign country,
at least for me, is trying the local cuisine.

We're what we eat, aren't we??

In Japan, there are a number of domestic tours
organized around the local gastronomical specialties.

So, it's no surprise that we invest our time
researching which restaurants to go when we travel.

We had a few places to go in mind,
but we didn't plan out every meal in detail.

So when we landed in Bohemia on Christmas Eve,
we roamed the cobblestone streets in search of
the perfect Christmas Eve meal.

Our hotel was located near Old Town,
so naturally, the restaurants in the vicinity were
conspicuously tourist-traps.

After much dilemma, we went into this Mussel restaurant.
Eating in Prague_c0201334_1025450.jpg

Steamed mussels with white wine, garlic, butter, shallots and herbs.
We also had some kind of chicken dish,
but it's impossible to recall the name.

The mussels were very plump, but the soup was very greasy.
The chicken dish was also very greasy.
Well, it was not perfect, but it was lovely to have dinner with
Steven and Truffle in a foreign country new to us.

The following day, we were to go to the Opera,
so we had to plan carefully when we ate our lunch.
If we had it too early, we'd be starved to death,
but we'd need to eat sometime during the day, right?

So, we ate lunch at this café by the Vltava river.
I had my first Goulash with dumplings.
Eating in Prague_c0201334_1042261.jpg

I expected the sauce to be more flavorful.
Without the pickled peppers, I wouldn't have been able to finish it.
It's a cute place, and I enjoyed looking out of the window to
to the river and the national theater.

Café Slavia‎
Smetanovo nábřeží 2
110 00 Praha 1, Praha, Czech Republic

That night, we went to TGI Friday's.
Oh, I know, I know. You are thinking, "Hey, what happened to the
speech about "experiencing the local cuisine, blah, blah, blah?"
Well, the only American things we have in Geneva are McDonald's
and Starbucks. And since we've been homesick given the season,
we wanted to go there and have some comfort meals.
Like this.
Eating in Prague_c0201334_10581355.jpg

Buffalo bites.
I forgot to take pictures of the main dishes
since we were so enthralled by the food.

Then next day, unexpectedly, I fell ill.
For a while, I thought I got food-poisoned,
but I had chills and my body was sore.
It must have been some kind of stomach virus.

We had a short day sight-seeing since I was in no shape.
I wanted to have something light, so I asked Steven to
go get me a sub from Subway.
(Another thing we don't have in Geneva.)

Later that night, I felt somewhat better so we went down
to the lounge area to have a light late dinner.
I ordered "Farmer's salad with steak and crispy bacon."
And this is what I got...
Eating in Prague_c0201334_1151279.jpg

"Oh... I was expecting like a cobb salad with flank steak on top,"
I said. Steven also had a similar idea about my dish.

Unfortunately, the bacon was NOT crispy, the meat was
way undercooked even though I specifically said "WELL-DONE,"
and the dressing on the salad was way way too sweet.

I waited 45 minutes for this in my current state?!
I was not happy at all...

4th day in Prague, I was not as sick as the day before,
but I was still weak. We took it easy. We did some shopping.
And as a late lunch / early dinner, we went to the famous Café Imperial.

Our favorite Travel Channel TV show host,
Samantha Brown visited this café.
Eating in Prague_c0201334_1136474.jpg

Beautiful interior. Detailed tiling all around.
She featured a pile of stale donuts you can buy to throw at anyone here.
I, at least, wanted to take a picture of the pile.
Sadly, they said they didn't do that anymore.

Still cold and weak, I wanted a soup. So I got this.
Eating in Prague_c0201334_11312576.jpg

French Onion Soup.

And this.
Eating in Prague_c0201334_11325292.jpg

Seared Scallops Salad.
The soup was heavier than I could handle, so I couldn't finished it.
I probably would have enjoyed it more if I wasn't sick.
The scallops were nicely cooked. But the dressing was too sweet.

Is sweet salad dressing a Czech thing? Or Just a coincidence?

Wanting something salty and not Czech,
we went to an Italian restaurant later that night.
It was close to the hotel, hidden behind the main street,
decent food, not too busy with tourists. We enjoyed our dinner.

The pizza we had.
Eating in Prague_c0201334_11494232.jpg

We also had a pasta dish with pesto.
But we were too full to finish.

Rugantino pizzeria‎
Dušní 4
110 00 Praha 1, Praha, Czech Republic

Our last full day in Prague, we went to a traditional Czeck beer hall.
This brewery is also listed on the book
"1000 Places To See Before You Die."
Eating in Prague_c0201334_1233242.jpg

As soon as we sat down and before we had the chance to look the menu,
they just brought the beer and some liquor to us.
This liquor was so strong, it burnt my throat and made me cough.
The beer, the only one kind they serve here, was dark and tart.
Eating in Prague_c0201334_123237.jpg

I had a Garlic Soup, which was delicious.
I would like to make something like this at home.

As my main, I ordered an appetizer-size pork neck dish.
Eating in Prague_c0201334_128631.jpg

Some locals sitting next to us were chugging beer one after another.
I couldn't drink coke or water like that. Impressive.
And it was even before 3 p.m..
Definitely a fun authentic experience, though.

Restaurace U Fleků
Křemencova 11
110 00 Praha 1, Praha, Czech Republic

For our last meal in Prague, we went back to TGI Friday's.
I know, I know, it's lame.
But it was nice getting a little piece of home away from home.

Can we have a TGI Friday's or KFC in Geneva, please?

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