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Over Louis Vuitton? Not Quite Yet...+ P.S.

I strive to be stylish.
I also strive to be unique.

So, since I can't go anywhere without seeing at least
one item with the interlocking LV logo these days,
I thought it was about time to move on.

But then, something grabs me back.

I just learned these scarves came out.

(Photo credit: Louis Vuitton)

Etoles Monogram Stars.

But then, I was very confused...

Even though they JUST came out, I saw it last May.
In NYC, a tourist at a souvenir shop was wearing it.

I wondered.
"Did they not sell them all? Are they recycling??"

Of course not, silly me.

After surfing on the Internet, I found my answer.

(Photo credit: Cliff Edge)

This came out last year.
Notice the stars are gold, where as the new version has white stars.
Plus, the color-ways are different.

I prefer this year's version, personally.
Anyway, the stars are cute072.gif006.gif

And I found another LV item that I find appealing.
This just appeared on the runway in Paris last week. F/W 2011.

(Photo credit: Louis Vuitton)
I've been looking for a document folio with some character.
The S lock they use for the trunks is used for this document pouch.
Cool, isn't it?

I thought I'd decided not to get anything in the Monogram canvas...
Maybe my will power is as soft as ice cream in the sun021.gif

I just went to the LV store in Geneva and saw them in person.
They're 495 chf.
Honestly, I don't think they look as good as they do in the picture.
And for something that's 70% linen and 30% silk,
I think it's way too expensive. There're better things you can buy.
Just my opinion, though.

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